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bord de mer à l'île Maurice



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bord de mer à Grand Gaube

“Warm, relaxing and friendly”

• Jun 7, 2008 (…)
Highly recommend Captain Dev Guness's boat, 'Catch Me' for trips- Dev is the local councillor and a mine of information and advice on the area- we went on a trip with him and his crew, went snorkelling past the reef, made landing on a small island and had a wonderful afternoon/evening with great food and music all provided by the crew and Dev. Can recommend Dev's jungle juice (rum punch) to make a day mellow ! Fiona3 London


“Sunshine in the Rain!”

• May 27, 2008 - (…) Last, but not least, go on the 'Catchme' boat trip with Captain Dave which can be booked down at the boathouse. Not sure if it has anything to do with the hotel. We left at 10 in the morning just as the most horrendous rain storm came on. We spent 2 hours sheltering under a bus shelter further down the island but the 10 of us agreed to go on to the deserted island and the sun shone for the rest of the day and the bbq, entertainment and the 'jungle juice' provided by the crew made us forget about how wet we were! When we arrived home we were singing and dancing so much that apparently we could be heard before being seen!

Hope to be back very soon. Catfourwinds - Forfar


“ If you get a chance”

• 08.11.2006 - (…) If you get a chance, don't miss a sail on “CatchMe” with Sailesh and Capt Dave, it is a experience never to be forgotten, and do try the “jungle juice”, it limbers you up for the singalong.
We made many friends there and can't wait to return, which we hope will be soon.
Kristan. Perth WA.


“With Sailesh, which was fantastic”

• 07.10.2006 - (…) After reading views from other Trip Advisor member's, we were keen to meet Sailesh and his crew. We first booked a beach bbq with Sailesh, which was fantastic. We arrived at the beach just as the sun was setting. What a view!! We consumed lots of food and 'jungle juice'. Sailesh, Max, Arnoud and Captain Dave provided the entertainment with a little help from us! Hope your eggs are ok, Max. We enjoyed the beach bbq so much that we went twice. We also booked a boat trip with Sailesh. We left at 11am and returned at 6pm, after having a fabulous time. We went snorkelling and fed the fish, before heading to Berneche Island, where we had lunch and some more jungle juice, and danced the 'sega'. Sailesh and the gang: We hope our paths meet again.

We had a wonderful relaxing holiday, but there is plenty to do if you want to.
Keith&Maureen. Orkney, Scotland

plage en bord de mer à l'île Maurice

highly recommended… Sailesh you’re the best !

• 26.09.2006 - (…) For me, the highlight of our stay in Mauritius was the boat trip and beach party we did with Sailesh Guness – you’ll find him down on the beach most days by the boat house.
Sailesh has ‘Catchme’, a small and very intimate boat (much more fun than a catamaran) - an excellent day out - lovely snorkelling and great visit to Bernache Island with a BBQ lunch and all the jungle juice you can cope with. All the guys, Sailesh, Captain Dave, Arnaud and Max make you feel so welcome and the guitar playing, singing and dancing is great fun and soooo romantic – girls, make sure you ask Max for his ‘eggs’ to groove along with!
The beach party was the best night to finish off our holiday – Sailesh takes you by bus to a secret location, where the guys are singing and playing guitars and everybody dances – great food (BBQ including lobster), jungle juice, great atmosphere and an all round fantastic night – highly recommended !
Thank you so much Sailesh for organising the beach party on the Sunday night for us – you’re the best !

ClareH. Perth, Western Australia.

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